Our 2023/24 Trend Report Is Out

Issue 5 of Tile Trace has arrived and we’re excited to share the interior design trends set to dominate the 2023/4 season. We kick-start with a deep dive into ‘Golden Allure’, a trend that stole the spotlight at Milan Design Week.


The 2023 design season is in full swing, bringing with it plenty of colour and pattern inspiration. From the 70s retro graphics to Pantones Magenta colour blocking and organic textures, there is plenty of stimuli to get our creativity firing.

At the heart of this year's aesthetics is a heightened level of optimism and a desire to create a sense of community, building and designing spaces that inspire connection between the communities that use them. Unsurprisingly, this is bound together by the need for escapism as people continue to embrace their desire for travel and new experiences by bringing elements from far away lands into their homes and workplaces.

We are seeing this manifest into a trend we call Golden Allure - an aesthetic that blends biophilic design with futuristic charm. This trend beckons the exploration of organic movement, fluid lines, and translucent surfaces, all while drawing inspiration from rustic, fluid textures and nature’s own colour palette. In embracing these techniques, each space becomes a serene sanctuary, offering a form of escapism to all who step inside.

Download our full Tile Trace trend report here.

Stamford Bone Natural 1200x1200mm & Wood Bone Natural 1200x200mm

Escapism Through Nature

At the very core of the Golden Allure interior trend lies the essence of biophilic design, which revolves around bringing the outdoors indoors. This means embracing an earthy, neutral colour palette - a grounding choice which evokes a sense of tranquillity - as well as incorporating natural textures that mimics the beauty of the natural world.

If your design brief revolves around creating a serene safe haven where individuals can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, Stamford is the ideal choice. Featuring realistic concrete and wood effect floor and wall tiles, this collection marries modernity with nature's timeless charm.

Finishes like these are perfect for adding a touch of impactful, yet minimalistic elegance to interiors - which is exactly what Golden Allure is all about.

Luxx Aqua Onyx Polished 2600x1200mm & 1200x1200mm

Luxurious Marbles

For spaces craving character and depth, marbles are a must. Their opulent, intricate patterns and vein detailing mimics the organic movement and fluidity that is characteristic of those found in valleys and stone pathways.

The Luxx collection opens the doors to a realm of opulence and refinement, where each tile possesses the unique ability to breathe life into interiors, adding a layer of depth that elevates the entire space.

Whether gracing feature walls, adorning statement flooring, or serving as intricate accents, marbles infuse every corner with an unparalleled touch of elegance and sophistication.

Contour Garnet 3D Strips Matt 300x75mm

Movement & Fluidity

The Golden Allure design trend offers a fresh take on classic aesthetics, inviting designers to embrace the charm of the past while celebrating the beauty of contemporary living.

Curved shapes and fluid lines take centre stage here, providing a smooth, seamless flow from one room to the next - which was key when developing the Contour collection. These three-dimensional, glazed wall tiles have been crafted with unique curvatures and contours, creating a sense of movement and fluidity.

A vibrant colour palette of Garnet, Teal, and Black Stone further amplifies the nostalgic appeal, which perfectly intertwines with warm, nature-inspired hues.

Amy Pears - Senior Designer & Author of Tile Trace


The combination of fluid textures with warmer hues was one of my favourite trends at this years’ Milan Design Week. When partnered, the two bring a sense of depth and balance to any space and, above all, warmth. I love how we’re transitioning from greys to warmer tones, which I expect to see more as we continue to embrace statement colour palettes.” - Amy Pears (Senior Designer & Author of Tile Trace)

To fully embrace Golden Allure, and find out about other trends set to shape the design industry, download our full Tile Trace trend report here.

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