Power to pastels: 2024's influence on colour

Both characterful and calming, pastels have remained a firm favourite in interior design over the years. In 2024, these playful tones are taking on a new, hazier form.

Prismatics Bluebell Gloss featured in LivingEtc Design Trends Issue


Both characterful and calming, pastels have remained a firm favourite in interior design over the years. In 2024, these playful tones are taking on a new, hazier form.

From Barbie-inspired maximalism to the age of interior biophilia, it’s undeniable that colour's role in design is in a constant state of evolution, mirroring our ever-changing relationship with the world around us.

Our love for pastels, however, will never go out of fashion, as a combination of playful, kitschy palettes and dusty, ethereal hues work their way into design briefs around the world.

Contour Teal Matt & Teal 3D Strips Matt 300x75mm

Pastel's transformation: The rise of peaceful palettes

Carrying associations of positive change and new life, pastels have always been a firm favourite amongst designers. Once ruled by 2010’s Instagrammable “sweet blues” and “rosy pop pastels”, the characterful tones we’ve come to know and love have taken on a new form.

2024 has seen hazier, contemporary variations come to the forefront, taking on a misty, powdery allure that instil a sense of calm and tranquillity in any space they imbue - according to Living Etc’s Global Editor in Chief, Pip Rich. Featured alongside magnolia 2.0 in The Colour of the Year Report (March edition - see image above), pastels like Prismatics Bluebell Gloss are the perfect tone to wash interior walls with, giving a brighter, yet nature-inspired take on a seasoned favourite. This theme is echoed by Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Peach Fuzz, and Dulux’s serenely soft Sweet Embrace - two shades reflecting our longing for brief reprieves from a world dominated by technology.

Tones like Contour’s Teal are perfect for setting the mood in any commercial setting, creating spaces that enable us to quietly recharge away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. The collection also explores popular three-dimensional structuring through transitional and full strip options, providing a relaxing, multisensory experience that instantly enhances depth and movement in interiors.

Abstract Pastel Mix Chevron Matt 200x200mm

Characterful Interiors

Connected with the dawning of spring and new beginnings, pastels are equally as effective at bringing newly defined energy to commercial spaces, presenting a golden opportunity for brands to show a snapshot of their personality. Whether using a standalone colour for an eye-catching feature wall or combining with other light, bright tones, the unmatched versatility of pastels never puts a limit on creativity.

Abstract is a brilliant example of utilising a variety of characterful wall tiles that work together to make a bold statement, comprising a range of striking colour options, including a Pastel Mix featuring fifteen stunning hues. Equally, Lucca’s contemporary take on traditional terrazzo lets a combination of pastels take centre stage in the Tutti Frutti tile - a playful, on-trend selection showcasing fragments of blue, green and pink in its design. Whether decorating a wall or floor, it’s guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

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