A digital time capsule celebrating the design community's resourcefulness

We're inviting the interior design community to reflect and 'take note' of the year that's been by sharing what they have learnt in our new digital time capsule. 

For every message added, we will donate one make and design kit worth £20 to the Make Bank social project, helping future generations into the industry.

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A message to the future

Resourcefulness: the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.

The past year has made us all reconsider the resources at our disposal - and what we value most in our professional and personal lives.

To celebrate our 120th Anniversary, we are collating and sharing messages from across the design community that reflect on what it means to be resourceful today.

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Inspiring future generations

Increasing numbers of students are dropping out of creative subjects because they cannot afford the basic materials needed to complete coursework. Or, they’re simply unaware of the career opportunities that exist in the design industry.

With the help of the creative community, The Make Bank is nurturing, inspiring and encouraging the creative talent that will make up our diverse workforce of the future.

The social project provides art and design kits, inspiring stories and job advice for those who want to pursue creative careers.

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This is an opportunity to reflect and share what you have learnt in the past year, so we can all celebrate our learnings to leverage future opportunities.

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The Design RE:Source podcast is live!

Listen now below or on your preferred podcast platform as we talk to UK designers and makers about the value of ‘making’, community - and what it means to be resourceful in British architecture and design today.

In each episode, we chat to our guests about their passion for making and designing, their unique perspectives and insights on the challenges from the past year.

Our new podcast is released weekly on and can be found on all major podcast directories, or you can listen using the players below.

Resourceful materials

Read the latest stories on our blog to learn more about our resourceful community.

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