Since 1901, we have been operating from our home in the Potteries’ heartland of Stoke-on-Trent, designing and making the finest selection of ceramic wall tiles, right here in the UK. Our portfolio of sustainable, British-made products is strengthened by complementary collections of porcelain and ceramic floor and wall tiles.

With 120 years’ experience, we are consistently raising the bar in terms of inspirational design, quality of service, and environmental leadership. We have been at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing for over 20 years, systematically reducing carbon emissions, cutting energy consumption, and diverting waste. Energy once represented 30% of our running costs. Our annual consumption is now down 35% per tonne of ceramic tiles, alongside saving 1,700 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year.

We're the first tile company to go plastic-free.

Our latest initiative has seen us eradicate single-use plastics within just 10 months, making us the first tile manufacturer to do so. As a direct result, our consumption of plastic has fallen from over 100 tonnes to 0 – equivalent to 1.5 million single-use bottles.

We have also carefully calibrated our ceramic recipe to ensure every tile we manufacture contains recycled ceramic material, preventing 20,000 tonnes of ceramic waste being sent to landfill every year. Additional initiatives focus on reusing waste process water, using low energy lighting, and reusing and reconditioning our pallets. These measures, amongst many others, ensure our ongoing commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

Here at Johnson Tiles we’re constantly improving, with a combination of ingenuity, perseverance, and skill.  We are driven to continue making – and making a difference – to ensure our setup isn’t just world class, but also having an impact on the issues that affect us all, at a local and global level.

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Proactively greener, for longer

We’ve come a long way since we committed to our strict environmental policy in 1992. With every tile we manufacture containing up to 20% recycled content, we’ve evaluated every aspect of production to eliminate waste wherever we can.

We have removed all shrink-wrap found on our packaging as well as replacing all PP strapping and LDPE plastics used for pallet stabilisation with sustainable alternatives. This is a saving of around 70 tonnes of single-use plastics...

70 tonnes is approximately enough plastic to produce 1.5 million single-use bottles.

Every year we purchase approximately 390 tonnes of cardboard packaging,
all of which is produced using 100% recyled materials. This means that we stop around 2,600m3 of landfill space being filled by virgin cardboard materials...

Each one of our product boxes contains 100% recycled corrugated card materials.

We recycle 12,000 tonnes of ceramic waste from our production process...

12,000 tonnes is enough to produce 32 million dinner plates or 72 million teacups

...and is equivalent to the annual total household waste of 23,500 people.

50 million kWh is enough energy to boil water in over 24 million kettles

... or provide power to the average television set for 17,000 years. Annually we save approximately 50 million kWh though energy saving initiatives...

In our body preparation areas, we re-use around 22,000m3 of water per year...

22,000m3 of water is enough to flush a single toilet over 3.5 million times

... or fill approximately 280,000 bath tubs.

1,500 tonnes of virgin timber is approximately enough to save 12,000 trees per year.

We purchase second-hand pallets and also repair damaged pallets wherever possible, annually this saves around 1,500 tonnes of virgin timber...

Through changes to our operations we save around 1,700 tonnes of CO2 per year...

1,700 tonnes of CO2 is the equivalent to travelling 6.5 million miles in a petrol car

... or fly a Boeing 747 from London to Glasgow 70 times.

Proud to have set the environmental standard in the white wares sector

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