Milan Design Week Trends 2024

Discover the key colour palettes emerging from this year's show and get the inside scoop from our Senior Designer. Explore how these trends will inspire and shape our future tile collections, ensuring we stay at the forefront of interior design innovation.

Milan Design Week made its annual comeback in April, transforming the streets of Milan into a vibrant hub of creativity. The week-long event brings together the most creative minds, the city buzzes with inspiration as workshops, exhibitions, and installations pop up in every corner.  

Our Design team attended Milan Design Week to stay abreast of current trends and draw inspiration for our future tile collections. It is imperative for us to stay ahead of interior trends to inspire our tile designs and gain valuable insights from the industry. This commitment ensures that our products remain innovative, relevant, and aligned with the latest design directions.

Our Senior Designer, Amy Pears, has created this trend report providing all the inside info you need from the prominent trends seen throughout the show, and how they can transfer to the world of tiles.

Amy observed a significant emphasis on colours and tones at this year's show and has highlighted some key colour palettes in the trend report including the below:

Burgundy Blush - the warm red tone was the standout shade at MDW 2024, blended with soft neutrals and earthy browns for a cosy atmosphere.

Azure Chic - alluring shades of blues and terracottas create a modern, chic look bringing interiors to life.

Verdi Green - not surprisingly green has stuck around for many years now, as biophilic interiors remain prevalent in design.

Download the trend report to learn more about these trend drivers along with the product styles that were highlighted throughout the show.


Q&A with Amy

What was your favourite design trend that you spotted this year?

I’d have to say the Burgundy Blush palette truly caught my eye. The blend of earthy tones with deep burgundy adds both depth and design interest. Its rich and balanced colours create a sophisticated and captivating look.

How can some of the key trends transfer to the world of tiles?

With key trends highlighting warm tones like terracotta and tactile surfaces, incorporating these elements into tiles will instantly elevate a space. The use of warm hues and textured finishes adds a grounded ambiance.

How useful are these events in inspiring your own designs?

These events are crucial for inspiration, as they form the foundation of a design or serve as the starting point for a new glazed colour palette. For example, our Dakota range drew significant inspiration from last year's Milan Design Week, where stone textures played a pivotal role in deep basalt tones and warmer pebble shades. This influence has resulted in a collection that embodies both contemporary aesthetics and timeless sophistication.

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