Creating an immersive design experience with Tactile Sensory

Tactile Sensory goes beyond visual aesthetics, striving to engage all senses and create a truly immersive interior experience. From surfaces that demand touch, to carefully curated palettes designed to evoke emotion, we explore the pervasive influence of tactility in shaping the industry.


Tactile Sensory Flat Lay

2023 has witnessed the emergence of several standout trends, but themes related to health & wellness remain one of the most influential. The Tactile Sensory aesthetic centres around designs' profound ability to shape our mood and alter our experiences, reaching beyond visual aesthetics to engage all senses - sight, touch, sound, and even smell.

From textured patterns that invite touch to rejuvenating colour palettes, tile designs have the transformative ability to make spaces both stimulating and intensely relaxing, providing people with a golden opportunity to disconnect from the outside world.


Baseline Wall Dove Tip Structure Natural 900x300mm

Tactile Surfaces

For spaces craving character, a textured wall is a simple yet effective way to elevate the mundane into an architectural masterpiece.

Collections like Baseline Wall create an open invitation for experimentation, comprising a variety of contemporary, light-absorbing structures - from Brush’s understated, stippled effect, to Tip’s defined, contoured profile.

A sensory-friendly solution for designing a head-turning feature wall.

Sloan Hazelwood Natural 1200x600mm & Hazelwood Square Mosaic Polished 300x300mm

Colours that calm

Alongside mood-boosting qualities and offering a feast for the eyes, certain colours emanate soothing smells, creating a multisensory experience that instantly enhances a room’s ambiance. 

Textured walls pair beautifully with a calming, neutral colour palette - where rich, earthy tones like Sloan’s warming Hazelwood, rustic Charcoal, and comforting Cloud come to the forefront.

Both versatile and visually appealing, shades like these are suited to any room yearning for a touch of tranquillity.


Buckingham Anthracite Soft Bush Hammered Ductile 2700x900mm

Create movement with Marbles

Just as marble is a maximalist’s best friend, certain designs can infuse spaces with mellow modernity - making them a go-to for seekers of an amplified sensory experience. Delicate vein detailing adds an extra layer of depth and movement, cultivating an atmosphere perfect for unwinding.

Timeless, sophisticated, and satisfying to the senses, marble-inspired ranges like Buckingham and Luxx are a go-to for lovers of the Tactile Sensory aesthetic. 

“Mental well-being will continue to sculpt and progress the world of interiors as we head into the new year, solidifying the multisensory approach as a lasting impact rather than a fleeting trend. I expect designers to continue testing the realms of creativity, appealing not just to the eyes, but to all the senses through a fusion of tactile textures, peaceful palettes, and depth-inducing elements.” - Amy Pears, Senior Designer. 

To learn more about how trends like Tactile Sensory are dominating design, download your copy of the new Tile Trace Issue 5 here.

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