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How we use and interact in our interior environments continues to merge. From the home to the workplace and everything in between, the quality of these new hybrid spaces - where on average we spend 90% of our time - can have a big impact on our health and wellbeing.

As we look forward to 2022, we've picked out our favourite trends set to bring optimism, comfort and fresh inspiration to our lives.

Setting the tone, Pantone have announced their colour of the year - Very Peri. While this brand-new shade has garnered some mixed reviews, one thing we can all agree on is the positive direction it has taken. This vibrant colour combines classic blues with violet red undertones to 'promote courageous creativity and personal inventiveness' for the year ahead.

After what has been an intensive two years, that is a fresh outlook we can all take inspiration from.

Dulux 'Blue Skies' inspired flat lay

Finding new tones in nature

A shade borne from the periwinkle plant, Pantone was not the only brand to take its cue from nature when setting its colour trend. Back in September, Dulux announced "Bright Skies" as its colour of the year, taking inspiration from the endless skies around us, the light and airy blue was chosen to reconnect occupants with the great outdoors.

This trend for biophilic design has blossomed over the past few years due to the positive effect it has in fostering a connection between people and nature. It's no surprise then that this is top of our list of trends for 2022.

As seen with Very Peri and Brighter Skies, 2022 brings its own unique twist in the form of brighter tones as we step away from earthy shades. The use of natural materials, textures and colours, no matter how bright, can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase productivity and creativity, and make us happier - making them an important choice for commercial interiors.

Abstract Pastel Mix Matt Droplet ABST5D

Comfort is key

Having spent the best part of two years in the comfort of their own homes, people are seeking the familiarity of home as they step back into the office, shops and leisure facilities. Luxury but approachable design will be key in 2022, particularly across hospitality and workplace environments. For designers, this comfort comes in the form of soft lines and muted colour palettes, with soft furnishings that absorb noise, further adding to the sense of security associated with this trend.

Using playful wall coverings such as the Abstract Droplet or distinctive scale format of the Symmetrycollection, designers can incorporate curves to soften existing interiors. Perfect for a feature wall, cafe or hybrid meeting/dining area in offices and hotels, both ranges span an extensive colour palette including pastel hues and vivid brights.

Barratt Z House, a new zero-carbon concept home.

Protecting our future

Sustainable design principles are by no means a new phenomenon, but the appetite and awareness of eco-friendly materials continues to soar. At Johnson Tiles, we've been pioneering sustainability, ensuring that it's at the forefront of our culture and design process. Following our move to plastic-free packaging in 2020, we've spent 2021 working alongside Barratt Homes on Z House, the UK's first net carbon zero home. Incorporating tiles with a high recycled material content and reducing tile thickness by 0.2cm, we were able to reduce carbon emissions by 20%.

As we all look to the future of commercial interior design, continuing to identify ways in which we can reduce the environmental impact of our actions and products will remain a priority. This will translate into how we buy and source materials, products and services, seeking out sustainable and locally manufactured solutions.

Browse our collections and keep checking for our new trend insights over the next 12 months.

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