Introducing Savoy Wall & Savoy Floor

Savoy Wall, a stylish range of ceramic wall tiles designed with a subtle surface effect, contemporary colour palette and a textured featured tiles. It's available in fifteen on-trend colours, two slim format sizes along with a selection of co-ordinating fittings; all of which are available in a stunning gloss finish.

Savoy Floor, a contemporary range of glazed porcelain wall and floor tiles featuring a rustic concrete effect field tile and a selection of co-ordinating geometric patterns. It's available in four colour-ways and a single natural finish.

Savoy Wall

Savoy with its characteristics of water and transparent qualities creates stunning depth and variation of colour.   This on-trend colour palette consists of muted and vibrant tones opens up a sense of freedom and experimentation creating beautiful melanges with high sophisticated quality.

Savoy_SAV02A Oat_Gloss_200x100_SAV04A Caraway_Gloss_200x150 Atlas Skirting_SAV04A Caraway_Gloss_200x75 Char Rail A_SAV04A Caraway_Gloss_200x35 Char Rail C_SAV04A Caraway_Gloss_Finishing Strip_SAVF2M Beige Mix_Natural_200x200_Bathroom [3].jpg
Savoy_SAVF1N Concrete_Natural_200x200_SAVF1D Concrete Décor_Natural_200x200_SAVF1S Grey Square_Natural_200x200_SAVF2S Beige Square_Natural_200x200_SAVF2S Blue Square_Natural_200x200_SAVF2M Beige Mix_Natural_200x200_SAVF3M Blue Mix_Natural_200x200.jpg

This versatile modern classic range with the addition of a fittings package produces a traditional look adding detail, plus defining and emphasising features.

Savoy_SAV09A Sage_Gloss_200x100_SAV08A Noir_Gloss_200x150 Atlas Skirting_SAV08A Noir_Gloss_200x35 Chair Rail C_SAV08A Noir_Gloss_200x12mm Finishing Strip_SAVF1N Concrete_Natural_200x200_SAVF1S Grey Square_Natural_200x200_Bathroom [1].jpg

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Savoy Floor

To complete the range, a coordinating classic and modern geometric style floor is included inspired by traditional square concrete floor tiles.  

Savoy_SAVF2M Beige Mix_Natural_200x200_Kitchen [1] CGI.jpg
Savoy_SAVF1N Concrete_Natural_200x200_SAVF1D Concrete Décor_Natural_200x200_SAV10A Bone_Gloss_200x100_SAV01A Luna_Gloss_200x150 Atlas Skirting_Kitchen [1] CGI.jpg

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