New Abstract range delivers on character

Looking to bring something new and exciting to your next project? Whether you want a pop of colour, an injection of dimension, or a daring shape pattern, the Abstract range has it all.

Available in two new shapes of the 200x200mm Chevron and 250x100mm Droplet, Abstract is ideal for transforming interiors to make a style statement. These new formats couple with the three-dimensional element to deepen the textural interest of the space. Whether you are looking to create a striking splashback or a complete wall feature, the Abstract range offers both structure and character for new design opportunities.

This range contains five eye-catching colour options, including crisp White, metallic Steel and a Pastel Mix which features 15 different shades all mixed in a single box. Ranging from cool to calming, these colours interact with the dynamic shape options to deliver fun and frivolity. The options for neutral colours or a Pastel Mix makes experimentation the name of the game with this selection.

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Abstract Bathroom Tiles
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