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Reinterpreting Art Deco for Homes & Gardens magazine

As a trend, Art Deco has stood the test of time. Originating in the 1920s, it draws on the glitz, glamour and hedonism of what is arguably one of the most iconic eras.

Rewind a few thousand years, and you’ll see the initial elements of this trend start to materialise. Bold hues of blue and glittering shades of gold adorn the attire of Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt. Corrugated columns and sharp angles embellish their palaces and pyramids.

It’s here we find the inspiration for stylist Laura Fulmine’s latest shoot for Homes & Gardens magazine.

Combining metallic grids with geometric tiled chairs, our Prismatics range in Peacock underpins two current key trends: colour and shape. “This popular look is taken to another level with bold graphic patterns in regimented repeats.”

Check out the trend in more detail below and in the April issue of Homes & Gardens magazine. Discover our Prismatics range here.


Credit: Adrian Briscoe

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