Embracing Serenity - design schemes that promote wellbeing

We explore the trend that puts people at the heart of design.

Interior design should, as a baseline, maximise comfort and function for the user of the space.  For the last two years, our perception of how our spaces should function has only been heightened as the boundaries within which we can move around have been reduced.

But design shouldn’t just be practical - it also needs to inspire and be personal, elevating our wellbeing with mood-boosting aesthetics.

Identified in Tile Trace 4, the Serenity trend taps into the wellness-centred design movement, encouraging balance through a neutral colour palette and the infusion of nature. Here we explore the founding principles and how they combine to create serene and tranquil spaces.

Method Bone Grip MTH02G 600x600mm & 1200x600mm


Stripping away clutter, leaving only the functional essentials is at the core of minimalist design. A trend that has been around for years, this interior style has grown from strength to strength as individuals and businesses alike have gained a deeper understanding of the importance of reflection and mindfulness on our mental health. Clean lines and neutral tones offer purity and calm, providing interior sanctuaries away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Comprising a neutral palette of five calming and simplistic tones, the Method range of porcelain wall and floor tiles is the perfect companion to a minimalist setting. Featuring a selection of tile sizes including large format options in 1500x750mm and 1200x1200mm which help to create space. The rectified edges remove the prominence of grout lines, providing a bright, clean and uniform effect.

Discover the new Method range.


Biophilic Design

From the surge in house plants across residential interiors to the introduction of more natural materials within commercial spaces, the industry has continued to embrace the trend for biophilic design. Proven to reduce stress, improve health, and increase employee productivity and engagement, it is little surprise that workplace designers are opting for a nature-inspired aesthetic. And within the urban landscape, the development of concrete jungles heightens the need to use organic elements that help forge a connection with nature.

Inspired by biophilic design, the Malvern range of glazed porcelain wall and floor tiles offers an authentic replication of natural wood. With four neutral tones, available in a classic, elongated plank format, designers can incorporate a subtle nod to nature across the flooring, or build further natural elements into the scheme for an all-out biophilic interior.

Learn more about the new Malvern range.

Status Light Grey Natural STA02N 600x600mm

Soft Industrial Style

As the trend for calming and tranquil spaces has evolved, so too has the industrial style of interior design. What was once seen as a cold and uninviting decor scheme, now offers softer lines and textures, balancing harsh edges with comforting curves. Combining the practicality of minimalism with the neutral tones often associated with Scandinavian and Japandi styles, soft industrial design offers an understated soothing effect, whilst remaining visually striking.

Designed for commercial spaces, the Status collection, of unglazed porcelain floor and wall tiles, spans a balanced palette. Traditional, industrial greys and contemporary, warmer concrete tones provide a soft base that harmoniously blends with exposed structural features, such as metals and brick. Further tapping into the industrial trend, the bush-hammered surface finish combines design and function, achieving a PTV slip resistance rating of 36+.

Explore the new Status collection.

From a pared-back, minimalist aesthetic to a softer take on the bold industrial style,  each aspect of the Serenity trend offers extensive design choices, while keeping wellbeing at the heart of the scheme. For further advice on the new ranges, or any of our collections, please feel free to contact our team.

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