Heart of the City

Heart of the City

Heart of the City

Sheffield, South Yorkshire

In one of our latest completed projects, our tiles were prominently featured in the Heart of the City development in Sheffield City Centre. This ambitious project aims to revitalise the urban landscape through the meticulous restoration and repurposing of distinctive buildings for a variety of uses including offices, retail spaces, residential and leisure facilities.

Working in collaboration with Tiger Tiling Ltd, a reputable tiling company based in South Yorkshire, we contributed to Phase 2 of the development, specifically at the Elshaw House and Cambridge Street sites. The completion of this phase marks a significant achievement in the ongoing transformation of the city centre, with our tiles playing a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the revitalised spaces.

Tiling was meticulously executed to enhance both functionality and aesthetics in various areas. Internally, the toilets, showers, and changing room spaces were adorned with our Monochrome range, featuring Black and White glazed ceramic wall tiles and glazed porcelain floor tiles, each sized in the versatile 150x150mm. This choice not only imparted a sleek, modern appearance but also facilitated ease of maintenance, ensuring a clean and practical finish. In areas prone to moisture and requiring heightened safety measures, such as the wet barefoot and disabled toilet zones, our Kerastar Rocktop floor tiles were selected for their exceptional slip resistance properties.

For the internal staircase of the project, our Method porcelain floor tiles were selected in the sophisticated mid-grey Mink colourway, and large format 600x600mm size. The Method range boasts a refined aesthetic characterised by clean lines and a contemporary colour palette. The Mink hue exudes flair and versatility, effortlessly complementing a range of interior styles and design schemes. With their durable porcelain construction and sleek appearance, the Method tiles are ideally suited for high-traffic areas such as staircases. Their minimalistic yet impactful design creates a sense of architectural refinement, making them an ideal choice for commercial interiors seeking a modern aesthetic.

In contrast, for the external aspect of this project, our Verso slim format glazed porcelain tiles were chosen to adorn the fronts of the retail units. Specifically, the Black Natural colour option, sized at 370x92mm, was chosen to make a bold and contemporary statement, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the retail buildings. By opting for a brick bond layout, these tiles offer a sleek and modern alternative to conventional brickwork, seamlessly harmonising with the existing black external shop front. This strategic choice not only adds a unique flair to the exterior but also contributes to a cohesive and visually striking appearance for the retail premises, reflecting a commitment to modernity and innovation in design.

The Heart of the City project stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation, and we are proud to have been part of such a prestigious project.

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