Johnson Tiles launches the ‘2020 Tile Tapestry’ Challenge!

We’re inviting interior designers to contribute to our ‘2020 Tile Tapestry’ to raise money for homelessness charity, Shelter, and celebrate the positive community stories that have emerged from the lockdown.

The idea

In the midst of the Covid19 lockdown, we want to share some design inspiration and celebrate the wonderful spirit of community, solidarity and courage that has come out of these difficult times.

Get involved

We’re inviting interior designers to contribute to our​ ‘2020 Tile Tapestry’ ​campaign by creating a design using our tiles to capture some of the heartwarming moments and positive initiatives that have come out of the lockdown.

Creating art from chaos

We’ll weave together the images of all the designs we receive to create a ‘2020 tile tapestry’ that captures this historic moment in time. The final piece will be exhibited at our Material Lab in London once the lockdown is lifted.

Supporting Shelter

For every tile canvas design we receive, Johnson Tiles will make a donation of £57 to housing and homelessness charity Shelter, to cover the cost of the ​software licences required to enable Shelter staff to keep answering emergency calls from home during this crisis.

Take part with three simple steps:

  1. Request an entry pack

    You can request an entry pack by filling in the entry form​ here​. We're inviting interior designers to capture three key themes, outlined below. These will be allocated at random and you'll find out which theme you've been given when your entry pack arrives in the post.

    Theme What do we mean by this?


    Group Street Exercise/ Community groups & Initiatives making PPE / Shopping for neighbours / Virtual communication


    Rainbows in windows / Social distancing / Self isolation / Clap for our NHS


    Captain Tom's 100 laps / Keyworkers / NHS / Covid19 Heroes

  2. Create your design

    Once your request has been processed, you will receive an entry pack in the post, which will include a collection of tile samples, together with your theme outline.

    We’re giving you creative freedom to create your tile designs however works best for you at home. We won’t be asking for the samples back, so feel free to use them how you wish; you can break them into pieces to create mosaics, carve them into shapes or use the tiles as they are, it’s entirely up to you!

    The only thing we ask is that your final design submission ​must be square in dimensions​.

  3. Submit your design

    Once your design is complete, submit a photo of your entry to us by emailing and/or post a picture of your artwork on Instagram and tag @JohnsonTiles using the hashtag #2020TileTapestry.


The deadline to submit entries is Friday 5th June.

Please note: this challenge is only open to interior designers based in the UK. We have a limited number of tile packs that will be issued on a first come first served basis. Please only request a pack if you are an interior designer by profession, aged over 18 and currently living in the UK.

Request your entry pack now