Recycled Content


Range District
Short Code DIS03N
Colour Tarnished Silver
Finish Natural
Wall Suitability Internal & External
Floor Suitability Internal Only
Wet Barefoot
Material Porcelain
Classification B1a
Light Reflectance Value 31.00
PTV (4S) Wet 25-35   Dry 36+
R Value 9
Wet Ramp
Traffic Commercial
Size Full Product Code
300 x 300 x 9mm Mosaic DA1503DIS3NMF05 View Image
300 x 300 x 9mm Square Mosaic DA5050DIS3NMF05 View Image
300 x 300 x 9mm Mix Mosaic DA3030DIS3NMF05 View Image
600 x 100 x 9mm DA6010DIS03NF10 View Image
600 x 300 x 9mm DA6030DIS03NF06 View Image
600 x 600 x 9mm DA6060DIS03NF03 View Image
900 x 450 x 9mm DA9045DIS03NF03 View Image
900 x 900 x 9mm DA9090DIS03NF01 View Image
Additional Fittings Full Product Code
600 x 50 x 9mm (Skirting) DA6005DIS3NSF05
900 x 50 x 9mm (Skirting) DA9005DIS3NSF05

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